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Flake ice making machine for ship


 Applied for large far ocean fishing,flake ice-making machine for ship has the following characteristics:

 1.The evaporator is special designed for anti-vibration and material is anti corrosion 

 2.Use anti-corrosion sea water condensation 

 3.All the necessary pipes and valves are anti-corrosion

 4.Disel generator is available for power supply if required

Customers may use seawater to make ice by our marine flake ice-making machine,and it is ensure that all the fishery is fresh while ocean sail.


The parameter lisy of flake ice-making machine for ship

Model  Capacity(T/Day) Installation power(kw) Cooling power
6M-100 1 5.7 4.7
6M-300 3 15.5 14.1
6M-500 5 20.9 23.6
6M-100F 10 46.7 47.1

PS:1.The machine is produced by order ,and lead time is comparatively longer.

        2.Any changes on above parameters would be no further notice,pls sonsult technical department of the company for details.

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